Oct 27 2011

hey people i’m doing awesome,ive literally lost 6 lbs my 1st wk with http://newtrend.tumblr.com/diets Facebook listed supplement, Has anyone else used it? If not, I HIGHLY recommend!

Aug 27 2011

Ending all confusion

The “O” as in Oscar, is Zer0’s Fat Brother. 

Aug 25 2011

You were born when?!

There should be an age restriction for technology.  If not a restriction, a separate queue just for those customers. 

Aug 20 2011


If you act like a baby, you will be treated like one, but spoken to like an adult.


Aug 19 2011


The work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green.
Thomas Carlyle

Aug 14 2011

Caught in one of Gargamel’s traps!

Those “Smurf Berries” you bought for $99 inside of that game were not purchased with $murf Bucks…

Aug 13 2011


Plain and simple, not all reps are created equal.

Aug 12 2011

Give me a couple min…

As a Technical Support Advisor I am graded on many metrics.  One of those being how quickly I can resolve your issue, so I can assist another customer waiting.

Customer: Hey, just give me a couple minutes, I need a coffee break.

Advisor: [mute button] DAMN.

Aug 10 2011


I have named my MP3 Player to “The Titanic”.  When I connect it, it reads, Syncing The Titanic.

Aug 09 2011

I can't Login...

Tech Advisor: Go ahead and go to forgotmypassword.company.com
Customer: Why don't they call it imanidiot.company.com?

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